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Short Sales, Deed in Lieu, bankruptcy Alternatives

BREAKING NEWS: Piet & Wright can lift the weight of your upside down house off of you in 30 days! That’s right 30 days after the paperwork is received by the Lender. By utilizing a change in HAFA we put you in the drivers seat. CALL TODAY!

There are several possible alternatives to bankruptcy for those in financial trouble. It is important that when clients consider these options they investigate the organizations they are dealing with and make sure they do not do anything that places them in a worse situation. Consultation with an experienced Consumer law or Bankruptcy Attorney will ensure the right choice is made. Take advantage of the free debt consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney at Piet & Wright. Some bankruptcy alternatives can have a negative impact on the debtor’s ability to file a subsequent bankruptcy. The main alternatives are out-of-court settlement with creditors, debt counseling services, and debt consolidation loans.