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Economic Indicators and Debt Relief

Unemployment was reported to have dropped in January ’11 to 9.0%, I anticipate that number to be adjusted upward. However, Walmart recorded its seventh consecutive quarter, nearly 2 years, of lower or decreasing “same store” sales. This is the best barometer of the economy known, at least as to Main Street. While stocks continue to soar under “QE2”, we on main street suffer together.

At Piet & Wright we have answers that will relieve the economic pressures and get your life back on track. We can discuss Bankruptcy options under Chapter 11, Chapter 7, and Chapter 13 along with short sales, debt settlement, and loan modification.


Business Bankruptcy

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Stop the insanity and look for all of the options you have as a business owner.
These tough economic times call for businesses to shed the practices and debt of the past and rise out of mess in a lightened, nimble and efficient manner.

There are many solutions to debt and credit issues for business, a chapter 11 reorganization being just one of the many options. While there is no sight of a true and vibrant recovery in the immediate future, thriving is not impossible or even improbable. Call us for a consultation and a map of the route to survival for your business.



As A full service Law firm we offer our clients many options to their particular problems. In potential Bankruptcy situations we examine all potential solutions and provide those to our clients. We are pleased to report that the once impossible Short Sale option is now a strong and viable one.

We can get these done in as little as 30 days after paperwork is presented to the lender.

Call Piet & Wright today!


Short Sales Done by Our Firm in 30 days*

With the recent changes in the Governments requirements on lenders processing of short sales Piet & Wright is able to quickly resolve your Upside Down Mortgage Problem.

We are able, through these changes, to have your short sale approved within 30 days of the banks receipt of the paperwork.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to see how you can have the weight of that mortgage lifted from you NOW.


I-80 pile up multi car crash outside of Reno

The pile up outside of Reno this morning has left a war zone of tires and metal according to reporters on the scene. We want to urge our clients and friends to be careful, drive defensively, and be patient.
We want to be your lawyers for along long time.


Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for Individuals

We have had great successes on behalf of our clients in our Chapter 11 Bankruptcy practice. We have been able to cramdown on 1st mortgages and achieve principal reductions by reducing the appraised value of the properties and reducing the mortgage to the appraised amount and setting the new interest rate at 5% for 30 to 40 years.

This relief makes the reduced properties cash flow positive and affordable immediately.


Up and Running

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