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Traffic Citations

Q: If I am guilty of a traffic violation, shouldn’t I just pay the ticket and get it over with?

A: Paying the tickets subjects you to the maximum fine and puts you on record with the DMV in Nevada. That can raise your insurance rates, contribute to the loss of driving privileges, or impact your job. There are many options to pleading guilty, and the attorneys at Piet & Wright can help you decide the best option in your case.

In Nevada, no particular criminal intent is required to convict a person of a minor traffic offense. This concept is sometimes referred to as strict liability. The only proof needed is evidence that the person charged actually committed the prohibited act. For example, if there is reliable evidence of speeding, it need not also be proven that the driver intended to exceed the speed limit; it rarely matters for liability purposes if the speeding was inadvertent or purposeful. Strict-liability traffic offenses typically include such violations as failure to use turn signals, failure to yield, turning into the wrong lane, driving a car with burned-out headlights, failure to use tow bars when towing another vehicle, parking next to a yellow curb, parking in a handicap spot without the required permit, overdue parking meters, and exceeding the speed limit.