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Family Law – Divorce

There is no question that when dealing with matters of family law we are dealing with the most important parts of our clients lives. Divorce is one area where there is no doubt this is the case.

Nevada is a no-fault divorce state. No-fault indicates that when the court is making its decision on the divorce it does not assess blame for the divorce on any party involved and therefore there is no punishment for either party desiring to terminate the marriage. No-fault also indicates that you don’t have to have specific grounds for getting the divorce. One party needs to simply allege that there is a breakdown in the marriage and that it is irretrievably broken with no prospect of repair.

We understand however that there is a party that has fallen short of the marital vows and has breached the marital agreement and we will use those factors the best interest of our clients. We analyze the situation to ensure that our client receives the best settlement from the marriage possible. Our Attorneys will look at the financial dealings of a spouse and ensure that they are up to par and level and where they are not this will be brought to the attention of the court for determination and betterment of our clients position. It is our goal to make the divorce process as simple painless and quick as is possible under the confinements of requirements of the court.

If you find yourself in a situation where the marital vows have been  broken and desire to consult about a divorce we urge you to contact us at your earliest convenience. Our skilled and compassionate animal attorneys will be happy to analyze your situation and determine the best means for achieving the best results on your behalf. We hope that you will join a long list of satisfied and repeat clients that visit our offices.


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