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The decision to adopt a child is exciting and, at times, daunting. The adoption of a child is preceded by much thought, planning and preparation. As one of the most important things to any family, the addition of a new child, is impactful and important not only the adoptive parents, but also the extended family and friends as well as co-workers are jubilant about this wonderful event.

Many times, you already know the child you want to adopt, such as a stepchild. Piet & Wright assists stepparents in the “step parent adoption” throughout the process of adopting their spouse’s children. The stepchild adoption is largely one of the least contested adoptions that we assist with assist with. however,┬átechnicalities┬ástill exist within the law that are applicable to all adoptions and must be attended to with careful attention due diligence and persistence prosecution. However, the considerations adopting a child.

Most adoptions are called agency adoptions. In the agency adoption process the birth mother gives up legal custody to the child after the birth of the child and places the child for adoption to the adoption agency. The agency could be in Nevada, the United States or practically anywhere in the world.

If you are seeking a private adoption, there are many credible adoption agencies then we work closely with to aid you in your search for this wonderful addition to your family. Piet & Wright represents all types of clients who desire to adopt and clients who wish to be represented as they make the difficult choice of relinquishing their parental rights. We provide the personalized service and attention clients need during these times of transition and emotional upheaval.

An important aspect of the adoption process is the termination of the parental rights of the birth parent. A parent terminates his or her rights to their child when they are no longer part of the child’s life. A parent may willingly consent to a termination of their parental rights, or the termination of the natural parent’s rights may be court-ordered. I am right will petition the court on your behalf the termination of these rights and the establishment of the guardianship and custody of the child. The best thing for our clients in the process is that we take all of the worry legally and allow you to focus on the bright things that adoption offers. Our las vegas adoption attorneys are experienced in all types of adoptions including surrogacy proceedings.