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Probate Matters

For many people the a lot of necessity for probate come at the most trying times. There is plenty to do at the time of loved ones death in stabilizing the family and obtaining peace. The lawyers at Piet & Wright are available to assist in these times of need.

Probate is the settling of the loved ones of state where there is no trust in place and there are assets to necessitate the reckoning of the deceased’s possessions in accordance with state law. Our experienced lawyers will analyze the estate and establishing a plan for the probate process and exercise the best strategy for keeping the assets in the estate for the benefit of those who survive. We do so where there is a will and even where there is no will left by the decedent.

Our probate lawyers can assist you in the administration of the estate, Representation of the executor, representation of beneficiaries, and even to assist with contested wills or litigation in the probate court.

Should we be able to help you we would ask that you would call us at 702-566-1212.

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